Peavey Spectrum Synth Sysex

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping some one here can give me a little help, I am building an editor for the Peavey Spectrum Synth using software available over at

It is going well except for the second Mod source in each section of the synth voice, the Sysex tables in the manual are a little confusing and I have found conflicting information on the web.

If someone is using their PC1600 with a Spectrum Synth and could capture and paste the MIDI messages from Fader 9 - Mod Source 2 it would help me to see what is going on and hopefully were I am going wrong.

Many thanks for your time,


  • I'm not near my PC1600 at the moment, but I was wondering if you could download one of the virtual PC1600 software applications, and the default presets from the PC1600, to get the data you wanted?

    For example, for the Mac you could use PC1600v , and then download the appropriate preset from Peavey . 

    I just tried that, loading preset #27, Spectrum Bass, and in looking at Fader 9 - it seems to be not active?

    Anyway, maybe something of what I've said above is helpful, not sure.
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    Thanks for the reply Dan.

    Interestingly I tried that last night with PC1600v, but could only get the first set of controls to hold the Peavey data. These worked fine but unfortunately none were examples of the Sysex causing me a headache!
  • Hi Dan,

    I think I have cracked it! The Parameter addresses in the SySex strings are 7-Bitized so where it says 14A in the manual I have to enter 02 4A in the string.

    Thanks for your time, I’m now going to try this on the other modulator strings.

  • Great, glad you got it sorted!
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