Peavey PC 1600x weird issue, maybe a MIDI glitch?

Hey guys! I'm new here at this forum, but I saw a lot of you know quite a lot about the awesome Peavey PC 1600x!

I just bought two of them from a friend of mine who used these units to control stage lights, well, one of them, the other one was almost unused! :)
I did a factory reset on both of them to remove the stage light presets, and something weird is happening on both that I can not explain, or solve, so maybe some of you know what's going on.

I want to use this unit to control the basic MIDI parameters (modulation, vibrato, expression etc), using the 003 Mod squad preset on the Peavey. 
What happens when I, for example, use the modulation fader, it transforms the data into midi notes (transforming the CC values into notes velocities). It also transmits modulation data, but not very detailed and skips a lot of steps, it's almost like if it's using the ''midi choke'' function on that one, only registering big steps rather than the 127 different values. 

To make it more clear, I'll add a screenshot of Logic Pro's Piano roll (only moving the modulation fader slowly), so you can see what's going on.. I have to admit that my MIDI to USB adapter is not the most expensive one ($10 on Amazon) but I'd guess it'd do it's job right?

I've worked with a number of MIDI devices but never encountered this problem, hope someone knows what's going on!

Thanks in advance,



  • I can only think of two things: 

    1) You have a MIDI transmission delay set on your PC1600x's.

    2) Your MIDI interface is not able to keep up with the data stream.  If you move the fader very slowly, can you capture more data than what you show in your screenshot?
  • @dnigrin

    Hey Dan! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Appreciate:)

    I have checked the transmission delay, it's turned off :)

    I'm able to get more data when I move the fader slower.. So I'm guessing it should be the MIDI interface. I'm getting a better one tomorrow, I'll keep you updated!

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