error message

I am using audio plugin player to host VB3 tome wheel organ. When I try to enter the registration I get the following error message:

ERROR! Couldn't save configuration file to: /Users/jerrywsmith/Library/Containers/com.defectiverecordssoftware.AudioPluginPlayer/Data/Library/Audio/Presets/GSi/VB3/VB3.ini

I am using OSX10.9.5 and I cannot find this file to check for read write permissions.  Can you help me fix this problem?




  • I'm sorry - this is error is almost 100% due to the sandbox restrictions that Apple places on apps in the App Store, that I have not yet figured out a way around, with a Max-based application that Audio Plugin Player is.

    I haven't given up yet, but at the moment, the App Store version won't work with this plugin, I'm afraid.

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