Klee keeps reverting to defaults

Klee keeps reverting to defaults, that is, every time it starts up it is not registered, VSTs are off, no VST path, First Run flag is true. 

No matter what I enter in the program or whatever I type into Preferences.txt, at next startup it's all gone. 

Why is that?


  • If I remember right from your other posts, you were on Windows, correct?

    Can you do Ctrl-M to bring up the "debugging" window, and post a screenshot?  Basically it sounds like the app is not able to write its preferences file to disc...
  • Dan, it does write the Preferences.txt file in its own directory. I checked by deleting it and starting Klee up to the authentication screen. By then a new prefs file with default values has been created. When I authenticate I get to the main screen alright. When I then exit and look at the prefs file again, I expect that the line 

    f, first_run 1;

    should now read:

    f, first_run 0;

    No? After exiting Preferences.txt indeed has the expected values but when I restart Klee,

    it gets overwritten with a 'blank' copy with the default values!

    I then write-protected Preferences.txt with the correct values in it, started Klee and guess what,

    authentication time. Did that, exited and got the 'could not write Preferences.txt' that you expected.

    I didn't appear otherwise though.

    After one more start, the write-protected prefs file is updated. How did it do that??


    20 min later...

    I was barking at the wrong tree. Klee indeed fails to write to

    C:\Users\sörf\AppData\Roaming\Klee\Preferences.txt Instead it attempts to write to 

    C:\Users\s~rf\AppData\Roaming\Klee\Preferences.txt. Next step: Create that file path and file, and --

    fail. Even the file it says it looks at is ignored. In conclusion,

    1. Klee writes a prefs file in the directoty it lives in and subsequently ignores it

    2. Klee can't deal with Umlauts in path names

    Can I have a portable Klee please? One that can be started from a thumb drive or SD card?  

    (Asking nicely with a pretty please :)


  • I'm pretty sure that the entire problem is related to the Umlaut.  The app is writing the Prefs file to the directory it lives in because it doesn't understand the path with the Umlaut in it.  But then it doesn't know to look in its own directory when looking for the Prefs file.  

    So if you are willing to change your username on your system to not have any special characters in it, I think that will fix it.

    Sorry to not be able to support the "special" characters.
  • As an aside, I'm wondering how the authentication of your Cyclic copy worked?  I'm pretty sure (if I remember right) that I used the same Prefs writing routines in both of those apps...
  • I do not own Cyclic, Dan. I was just having trouble understanding its internal routing (no audio problem). -

    Back to Klee: What about the prefs file in its own directory? If Klee would read and honor that and only in case it doesnt exist, look in the user profile, that would be perfect.  

  • Ah, I see, you were using the demo of Cyclic...

    I will consider the approach you suggest above for looking for the Prefs file in the future for a new version of the application.  But for a short term fix, please just give a try to the approach of changing your username to not include the Umlaut or any other "special" characters.
  • Thanks for considering, Dan.

    So for now back to 7-bit ascii . 

  • RaBe said:

    So for now back to 7-bit ascii . 

    I'm afraid so, sorry about that.  Please post back if that doesn't fix the problem.
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