Ableton 9 and Logic Pro X compatible?

My brother just gave me a pc 1600x that he has never used and I have no idea how or why he had it, but I'm starting to use ableton live to run tracks live and I was wondering if I could use the buttons under the faders to trigger tracks throughout the song. And use the other faders and buttons I won't be using to bring in the midi instruments.
Also I just got a new 16 channel in interface and I was wondering if I could run this through logic and control each input by a different fader.
Do I need to update anything to be able to use this with these newer programs?
Also for using with a midi controller keyboard what should my signal chain be to get to logic or ableton for my synth patches?
Could this also work for any guitar pedal with midi capabilities to select presets like a line 6 m5?
If anyone could answer any or all questions it would be much appreciated.


  • I believe that both Ableton and Logic allow for remote control via MIDI messages. You'll have to review their documentation to check. Then you'll need to review the PC1600x documentation to understand how to program it accordingly.
  • You could also try some of the Logic patches available at the following link, but they're for significantly earlier versions, so no guarantees:
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