Power Supply for PC-1600x

Recently bought a used PC-1600x but the seller sent a 9V power supply.

I tried a non-regulated 16V power supply which powers on the screen but doesn't boot up the computer section. As soon as I power on the unit the voltage drops to about 12V as measured on my multimeter.

Need to find a 1A 16V power supply that delivers a constant 16V irrespective of current flow. Can anyone suggest where I can buy one of these or whether any other power supplies recommended for other 16V Peavey products will work?




  • Don't have anywhere specific to recommend, but most important, make sure it's an AC adapter, and not a DC one!

    A quick Google search "16 volt ac 1 amp adapter" yielded lots of options....  You can always use an adapter that provides more than 1 amp if necessary.  Just not less than 1 amp...
  • I definitely had an AC adapter but it was one where the voltage dropped when current flowed. When the PC-1600 was powered off the voltage was 16V, but it dropped to 12V as soon as I powered on the unit.

    If anyone can point me towards a unit that has been tried and actually works, I would be very appreciative.


  • Hello Jaykay73, did you manage to find a working power supply? I’m currently looking for a suitable 220-240v supply. If switching laptop supplies work there seems to be a lot inexpensive options. My original 120v supply seems to be a linear regulated supply, I’m not sure if that’s just because of it’s age or perhaps it doesn’t work with a switching power supply?
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