Cyclic integration in Ableton (or any other DAW) ?

I have tried the demo and am very much interested in the Cyclic step sequencer, but would first
like to fully understand before I buy it...
How do you integrate it in Live ? (or any other DAW)
1)how do you sync Cyclic with Live ?
2)how do you route Cyclic's MIDI data into Live?

The easiest way would be to host Cyclic as a VST plugin in the DAW, but
I believe it cannot work this way (yet) ?
Answering these questions would be a great help!
Thank you!


  • Yes, as much as I would love to convert it into a plugin, it's not possible currently, as the software is written using Cycling 74's Max application, and one can no longer convert Max applications into plugins (as you could many years ago).

    1) If you're on Mac, use the IAC Driver Bus to get MIDI clock info from Live to Cyclic, and set Cyclic to MIDI Clock - see the Transport and Clock section on page 29 of the manual.  If you're on Windows, you'll need to use an inter application  MIDI driver like LoopBe1 (free), available here: .  To get audio from Cyclic into Live, use ReWire.

    2) To get Cyclic MIDI data to Live, use the same solutions as outlined in (1) above - IAC Bus or LoopBe1.  That said, you may not need to, as you can host whatever virtual instruments you want to use within Cyclic itself, and if there's hardware synths you want to send data to, you can do that from within Cyclic too.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks a lot for the answer! I will experiment with that...

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