Klee and other sequencers as M4L modules?


I guess it was discussed before on different levels but I decided to ask about it again: why don't you remake all your amazing sequencers as Max for Live modules for Ableton Live? As soon as they all were made with Max I guess it wouldn't be hard to transfer codes into M4L format, and I'm more than sure it will be commercially successful. What is the reason which stops you from such a move?

Anyway, thanks for your work. It's truly one of a kind!

Pavel Mikhaylov 


  • Thanks for the kind words Pavel - you're right in that it should be theoretically possible, but it also represents a significant amount of work (even though the sequencers are Max-based) that unfortunately I don't currently have the time for.  

     I'm not saying never, but at least not for the near term...
  • Yes, time and patience is required to make it real. It should be much easier to work with a companion or in a team on such a task. Would you consider to collaborate with one of a trendy M4L teams (like Sonic Faction or Max for Cats )? You could easily have benefits as a code author but at the same time bring lotta joy to all Ableton Live/Push users.

    Klee (and your other sequencers I guess ) is performance oriented kind of "gear", which could and should be played and controlled live, so I can imagine how great it could be to have them mapped and controlled with Push controller, and with M4L it's possible to make magic...

    Yes, it will be popular... but why not?)
  • Truth be told I had Darwin Grosse (from Cycling 74 itself) look at my Klee code long time ago with this M4L conversion in mind, but unfortunately nothing came of it.

    I will give this some thought, but no promises.
  • I would say - let's find someone who really can make it on a high level, open preorder with upfront fee, after enough funds achieved (it wouldn't be too hard ) this plan will become real. 

    I understand it's not only the question of money, but your own vision of your work, aspiration, etc... So now I stop pushing and just cross my fingers. At least now you know that there's someone in this world who badly need/want it...
  • I'm afraid I am not interested in doing pre-orders, as I cannot guarantee my timelines for delivery.  So I would never want to make people wait some unknown period of time, after having put their money out there.

    At any rate, I really appreciate your interest and the push - like I said, I will consider it for the future.
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