MC202 don't start.

Hello I'm on MacOs 10.10.5
Sometimes the app work but most of times it get freezed at start.
What I can do?


  • Sorry for the problem - can you describe a little bit more what you see when it freezes? Do you mean you see the application interface, but you can't use it at all? Or does the interface never appear at all?
  • Hello, the interface don't appear at all.
  • This sounds like a problem with Java that I have seen in a few other users. Have you installed both the current Java from Oracle, as well as older, legacy one that Apple provides? I'm not exactly sure why, but on newer OS's I think you need both in place.
  • Hi, this sound like my problem.... I have both versions installed. How to troubleshoot?
  • Being very honest, I'm still stumped by this, I apologize. I just haven't been able to figure it out yet. I'm still almost positive it's a Java issue, but the problem is that it seems to be intermittent; I have machines where sometimes I can get it to exhibit the behavior you all are seeing, and then at other times it works fine...

    Perhaps one other thing to try is to make a new Mac user account and log in under that account, and see if it exhibits the same behavior there? Also @llorenzo, please let me know details of your Mac - what OS, using built in audio or other audio interface?
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    Hey, I'm on a macbook pro 2016 on High Sierra. No external soundcard attached this time. I was trying to get two versions of java running, but failed to switch. I've not too much insight into that.
  • Basically you just need to install this older version of Java on your system, it shouldn't matter if you also have the newer one installed as well, they can coexist (at least they do on my machines):

    What I may end up having to do is just rebuilding the entire app using a more up to date version of Max (and Java), and hoping that does the trick.

    Thanks for your (and everyone's on this thread) patience.
  • Yes, that's what I did. But it did not help....
  • Thanks for confirming. I will continue to investigate and work on a solution, my apologies in the meantime.
  • In the meantime - some users (including me!) have had success in repeatedly trying to open the app; if nothing happens after launching the app, force quit it, and then try again. Sometimes after 3 or 4 or 5 tries it magically starts to work!
  • Hello @emage and @llorenzo - I've got a new Mac OS X version of MC-202 Hack that I think addresses the problem with the app not starting on newer Mac OS's. Would either/both of you be interested in testing it before I release it publicly? If so, please email me at so I can get it to you to try...
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