Mc-202 hack to midi try out

Dear MC-202 hackers,

May I pretty please propose to upload somewhere a few mc-202 sequences that I made and some kind soul simply verify that they can be made into midi files by doing so, and sending them to me. I downloaded the demo and I had trouble calibrating it, and getting anything to upload. I mainly want mc-202 hack to save the cool unique sequences that I come up with on my 202, and before I spend hours and hours and 40$ I would just like to for sure I can get my midi files. It is an amazing piece of software, and a true blessing defective took the time to do it. I just want to know it is my bone headedness with the demo software and not that mc-202 is just too janky (as I have read that some are). Thanks ahead of time.


  • Feel free to send them directly to me bob (dan [at]
  • thanks I will send it tonight, when I get back to my 202. An uncompressed audio file of the tape load out sequence signal
    should do it right?
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