DSX Hack now available!

After an altogether too long development cycle, I'm happy to report that "DSX Hack" is now ready!

Available for both Mac and Windows, DSX Hack lets you program your Oberheim DSX sequencer without the need for a connected Oberheim synth, a previous limitation. Instead, you now program it using MIDI files and the software, which creates audio "squelch" that programs the DSX via its cassette input.

What's awesome about the DSX is that it has EIGHT pairs of CV/Gate outputs on the back, which the sequencer info can be routed to…. That's a whole lot of CV control in one box!

I'm indebted to the group of beta testers who helped me, as well as to Marcus Ryle (CEO of Line 6 and the DSX's original designer), Paul White (Electrongate and former Oberheim), and Tom Oberheim himself (he pointed me to Marcus).

Look forward to seeing how people use the app to start to give the DSX sequencer new life!


  • Hi,

    I've just tried the DSX Hack demo and it's a fantastic piece of software!!! Great work!!!
    It really makes the DSX come to life again...after collecting dust for several years.

    Would it be possible to implement a function for per track selection OBx voices or CV instead of a global function? It would be a very welcome feature for us who have both an OBx synth and CV/Gate synths.

    Keep up the fantastic work!
  • Thanks for the kind words Dynamikk.

    I'll have to dig into the cassette save format again, but I do believe this is possible - will look into it, and if true, will see how much work would be to update the software to do this.

    But in the meantime, you know that you can easily reassign a track once it's in your DSX to use OBx voices, rather than CV ones, right?
  • Great software like the DSX Hack deservs to be saluted :)

    That sounds perfect!

    I'm aware of the voice reassign function in the DSX...but implemented the DSX Hack would make the transparency between computer -> sequencer more intuitive...and include less steps in the process for the end user ;)

    Kindest regards

  • Agreed on your last sentence - just didn't want you to think that what you wanted to do wasn't possible, even with the software as it stands now...
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