Can you make the number of steps increasable, like the Intellijel metropolis


Just tried the demo version of m185, very cool sequencer. I know the Intellijel metropolis is inspired by the original m185. One cool feature they have built in, however, is the ability to choose more then 8 steps. What the sequencer does after 8 steps is reset count on from 8 till the number you've chosen and resets again. This gives awesome repetitions and patterns. Would that functionality be very hard to replicate in the M185?


Coen Bijpost


  • Thanks for the feedback - it might be possible, I would have to look at it.

    But if you're looking for ways to make constantly evolving patterns, know that in the current M-185, you can make fewer than 8 stages, which might yield the same (or similar) results?
  • Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, fewer than 8 is also cool. What happens if you make it 13 for instance, is that the rhythm makes 8 steps than 5 than 8 and so on. That creates a sort of polyrhythm that sounds really nice. And it seems a small addition, though I know software development. What seems small might be nigh on impossible ;)

    Just take a look at around 5:10. He shows how it sounds. It's awesome (imo). I am definitely buying the m185 (waiting for end of the month for budgetary reasons ;) ), no matter what, but this thing would make it even cooler.

    Think about it,
    Thanks for your time,

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  • Thanks - have put the feature request on the list. No guarantees, have to dig into the code to see how doable it would be to implement.
  • just watched the video. the extra beyond 8 step thing could be fun. my mind is kind of folding back inside of itself when i think about doing stuff like this when the pattern is backwards or forwards or both. might be hell for the guy making it though :)
  • Everyone's doing teaser pics/videos these days, so here goes one from me too...
  • or what if it was 2 rows of 8? one above the other? and you could turn off and on the whole row? :) im full of ideas!
  • It will be one row of 16, but I'm planning to include configuration options that will let you copy the settings of stages 1-8 to stages 9-16 if you like. This will essentially be the same as what you want, but also much more flexible so you can have 16 completely different stages too....
  • That is very, very good news ;) 16 steps is cool in and of itself. The copy function makes it even better. Very inventive! Thanks for the spoiler :)
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