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I've been trying to use the scale function in the M185 app. Very cool feature. The modes however, do not work. Only if you select different parent scales like Major, Harmonic Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor do the notes change. Modes of these scales like Minor, Dorian b5 and Locrian #2 give the exact same result as their parent scale. The best way to test is to just make a scalar run in C Major and flip to C Minor, M185 should then replace the E for a C#, but it doesn't. This goes for every mode. Bummer, cause this is a very cool feature for a sequencer to have.


Coen Bijpost


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    Thank you for this report - to be honest, I'm totally clueless with scales, and have simply implemented functionality using the Modal Object Library developed for Max. I may have messed up in the implementation - I will contact the library's developer to see if that's the case, or if there's a problem in the library. Stay tuned and thanks again for reporting the issue.
  • I'm a programmer myself. If you want you can send me the snippet of source dealing with the modal_change object and I can see if I notice any obvious errors. I'm actually a guitarist, synths are just a side-hobby, and I use modes a lot in improvisation and songwriting. It's actually a kind of laziness to be using the functionality, but having the ability to switch between modes in an instant is very handy.

    You have my email address as I bought M185 yesterday ;) I do understand if you're not comfortable sharing bits of source code with people, btw. Just wanna help improve your kick ass software.
  • My apps are all written using Max, so the "source" is not likely the "source" you're accustomed to reviewing! :smile:
  • Ah! Well, np then :) I'll just wait patiently!
  • I believe I've identified the bug - will be working on the fix. No identified timeline but hopefully not too long! Again, thanks for reporting this!
  • Good job! Give me a poke if you want the fix tested.
  • Just a quick note to let folks know that I identified and fixed the bug, and Coen has validated that it addresses the problem. The fix will be forthcoming in the next version of the software, along with one or two new features...
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