Need to Re Download,Can't find way to on App Store

I've Had My Audio P P,for a couple years,I have not used it much after the 1st couple months I had it.
Now It does Not work,it will load up,but none of the VST's Or AU'S Work when I put them in the LOAD area of the Player.
I'm looking to re download it to see if that will work,But App Store just has the (Installed) darkened with no RE Download area. HELP!!!


  • Delete the app from your Applications folder. Empty the Trash. Now start the App Store application - it should now let you download it again.
  • Thank you.
    I Did what you said,Now I have the issue of NO SOUND. So I'm working with that problem right now. I'm using my macbook pro in's & Out's And nothing.
  • Try deleting the application's preferences. Just delete the whole folder, located at /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Audio Plugin Player/ , and then try again.
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