No audio in Cyclic demo?

Hey there... I appear to be quite late to the party, as the last post here was over a year ago. I've always been a late adopter.

In any case, I've downloaded and installed the OSX version of the Cyclic demo, to a MacBook Pro running OSX El Capitan 10.11.16. And while the software doesn't hang or glitch or anything, I appear to just get no output at all. I've tried it both with VSTs and without, have toggled the "Audio I/O" and made sure I'm using the Core Audio output, made sure that audio in fact works at all (it does)... but I get nothing.

Can it be confirmed that in fact Cyclic is supposed to work on this version of the OS? Are there any troubleshooting steps particular to this software that might be missing?

Many thanks.


  • Yes, it definitely works on that Mac OS. The most common thing that people forget is to select the Output Device for each subsequence, as shown in the image below. Can you confirm that you've selected the appropriate output?
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