"Use Current As Default" doesn't work on Windows

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Hi Dan,

I've just discovered that "Use Current As Default" doesn't work on Windows (7, 64bit). I've tried it on Mac OSX, and that's OK, but every time I launch M-185 on Windows, the controller mapping list is empty.

If you need any further info (file locations, etc), just shout...



  • Damn - confirmed.  I must have omitted testing this on Win 7 -- it works fine on XP.  

    I'm pretty sure it is a permissions thing; Win 7 doesn't like where I am writing the file that stores the default info.  I suck at Win 7, I have not really used it very much at all.   I somehow need to change the permissions on the folder and/or files so that they are writeable by the app.  The files are at Program Files/M185/support/m185/, and they are called midi_controller_device and midi_learn_data.

    I will keep looking at it, but if you feel inclined to mess with it, please report back!!  Regardless, thanks for the report!
  • Ah, that explains it... Win7 definitely doesn't like anything writing to the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folders... It's possible to work around it by firing up M-185 using "Run as administrator", then loading the mapping file & saving it as the default; the downside of that is that you need to remember to do that every time you want to make a change to the mappings. A better solution for W7 would be to write the settings to a folder beneath the whatever folder is defined by the %ProgramData% environment variable (c:\ProgramData\m185\support, for example).


  • Yeah, after reading up a bit, I see I implemented what is regarded as bad practice, to try and have the app write a file to that location.  I normally write (e.g. the prefs file) to another "legal" location, but there was a reason that I didn't for this function - can't remember now though.  Will have to dig into it all again - at least there's a workaround for now!  Thanks again for finding this.
  • Was it possibly related to the ability to have multiple instances of the M-185 on a single machine? You would need distinct locations for each instance's prefs files in order to prevent them stamping over each other...


  • No, it wasn't that.  In fact I had anticipated that if people used multiple instances, that they would share the same prefs....
  • Just a quick update - this has been fixed in the just released version 1.5.1...
  • Splendid! Thanks, Dan!
  • Hi Dan,

    I went to windows 7, 64bit recently, because life was getting more and more difficult on XP,...slowly becoming a dinosaur of OSs...
    I am in process of re-installing all my software and just received your M185 update.
    Are there updates for Klee? (for windows 7 that is)

    cheers, Karel
  • Hi Karel,

    No, no updates for the Klee on Windows at this time, just on the Mac side. I wanted to quickly get updates out for my applications on the Mac so that all of my apps work with OS X 10.7, and I just slipped this one bug fix in for the M185 as well... Not enough time in my life!!!
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