New version 2.0 now available!

Just in time for the Holidays, a new version 2.0 of the software M185 step sequencer is now available! Lot's of new stuff made it into this release:

• Changed MIDI note control so that only currently playing Stage receives incoming MIDI note info. This change makes it easier to edit patterns in real-time, by "playing along" with it.
• Can now "lock" each Stage so neither MIDI note input nor randomization will change Stage values
• Increased to 16 Stages from 8
• Added up to 5 note Chord output ability
• Added Brownian (“drunken walk”) mode
• Added ReWire audio slave support
• Added Note pitch randomization option, with adjustable range
• Added Stage length randomization option, with adjustable range
• Added Stage mode randomization option
• Changed Note selectors to relative mode (-24 to +24)
• Changed Transpose to Base Note
• Added quick up/down one octave buttons for Base Note change
• Added Note pitch reset option
• Added pentatonic option for scale constraint

• Fixed Scales bug on Mac platform, where some Scale changes were not being recognized
• Fixed Maxsteps bug when in Reverse mode
• Fixed Panic (P key) to work more reliably



  • WOW!!!

    I mean what an incredible surprise :) <3
    Dan, thank you very much for this update. Just had a look at new M-185 and a quick run and it is amazing....what an update!

    Honestly I didn't think that you still worked on your sequencers (that as you know I own them all), because life goes on,... but I am glad that you do.
    I STILL USE THEM ;) setup and gear changed a bit...

    As your Present comes just for Christmas, best wishes to you and your family, have great Holidays and a Happy New Year.
  • Thanks for the nice words... And yes, I am frequently slow, but still do have updates planned for the other ones too... Happy Holidays to you too!
  • gonna jam out with it now! will report back :)
  • been jamming out a lot with this lately. super fun. pm me if you wanna hear way out stereo headphone all hardware synth action!

    i have some ideas on how to make this even better. i think if you figured out a way to have 3 different preset areas, that this program would knock it out of the park. have a section for your notes, and your steps, and your lengths, could just make this thing kill. having the ability to randomly generate notes is great, and being able to make them fit in specific scales is super fun. same on lengths and steps. i would love it if i was able to mess with the notes until i found something i liked, and then saved just the notes. being able to do this with each section separately would make me able to use this live with one of my other projects, and i think it would be damn fun. or maybe a toggle switch that switched what type of preset it was saving, and it made a different color for notes, steps, lengths or something like? ill stop talking now. im just excited. fun program. keep up the good work.

    is there a midi assignment for scales list online? like 0-127. just trying to save myself some time programming in the future. if i have to figure it out ill do it, but if you have it, it will save me some time :)
  • The different preset types is a good idea, I will look into whether I can do it for a future version...

    Re scale types - there's 31 scale types, and those are scaled (no pun intended) to fit into 0-127. So it changes roughly every 4:

    0-4 Major
    5-8 Minor
    9-12 Pentatonic
    13-16 Ionian

    That said, at some point it will skip to a change every 5, because 128/31 doesn't equal 4 exactly... Sorry but I don't have the exact mapping for all of them, you'll just have to experiment.
  • i can map it out. no problemo. knowing it goes by approx 4 or 5 is plenty to get me going.

    yeah. the diff presets could make it really fun to jam out with.
  • i assigned the scale type to a step button on my controller in increments of 4, and there seems to only be one preset in the middle that i have to hit the button twice for, so that works for me pretty well actually.
  • if you ever figure out how to separate the presets for the notes, and the patterns at least, ill buy the damn program again :)
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