MIDI Sync problem


I'm in trouble with MIDI Sync.

When I start playing the sync Master, Klee often starts sequencing
on wrong delayed timing. (Not always, it sometimes starts correctly.)

This delay amount depends on Clock Divide setting.
For example, I get 1/4 note delay if I set Clock Divide to 1/4.

I tried Cockos REAPER and Arturia BeatStep Pro as a sync Master,
but both behave in a same way.

Anyone in similar problem ?

I use Windows10 64bit.
And, here's my Klee settings:

Seq Mode : 8 x 2
Random or Pattern : Pattern
Load on Play : On
Clock source : MIDI
Direction : L to R
Audio I/O : On (Using RME Babyface ASIO)


  • I've found the way to reproduce this issue.
    This happens only when sync master stops playing while Klee's time position is
    near to the next stage than the previous stage.

    For example, if Klee's Clock Divide is 1/4, this happens when sync master is stopped
    within offbeat timing.

    How can I improve my environment ? Any ideas ?

    Many thanks.
  • This may be a problem with just how MIDI Beat Clock works. There's no way that Klee can immediately lock onto timing information, because it relies on the difference between adjacent Beat Clock pulses to determine the BPM. That's why in the Klee manual (page 57), it says:

    "When in MIDI clock mode, the tempo is set from the MIDI clock-generating device, and is not adjustable from within the Klee software. When the Klee's transport is initially started, it can take a second or so for the Klee to sync itself to the tempo of the MIDI clock-generating device."

    Generally the way around this is to start your DAW and the Klee with a blank pattern for the first measure, that way giving them time to sync up.

    Does that address the problem or no?
  • Thanks Dan,

    I'm sorry but blank measure method doesn't help...
    I've already tried that, then of course Klee's tempo seems stable, but playback timing between DAW and Klee keeps out of alignment.

    Does Klee start playing after the tempo becomes stable ?
    I assumed that Klee starts playing immediately after receiving MIDI Start message,
    but is it wrong ?

    If I can reset Klee's sequence position to Step 1 via MIDI CC, I can forcibly align playback timing correctly.
    But it seems that the feature like this is not available currently.

    Sorry if my explanation is not clear enough...
  • I had to go look at the code again, it's been so long since it was written. Yes, the Klee is programmed to start playing immediately - and no there's currently no ability to force it back to Step 1 (e.g. a "rewind" function). I'll put that on the list to look at for a future version.

    I think the trick for you will be to launch the Klee pattern at the right time in relation to your DAW, then should be OK. I realize that this is less than optimal the way it is written right now...
  • Thank you so much !

    I tried several ways as you advised me, but I cannot get rid of this problem after all.

    So far, in my environment, MIDI messages are sent in this order -
    Start, Clock 1, Clock 2, Clock 3, ...
    (Clock is 24 ppqn)

    Next I will try to send Clock messages until the BPM become stable before Start message.
    I hope this is the solution...
  • Sorry for what you're experiencing, keep me posted of how you make out. If I think of anything else in the meantime I will also report back here.
  • Thanks Dan,

    I tried replacing MIDI message order, but unfortunately it didn't help.

    I will continue to resolve this problem.
    I will post here if there's any progress!!

    Thanks a lot.
  • Thanks for the update, and sorry it didn't work.....
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