Slider Crosstalk

I'm getting values from the wrong flicker on and off. The rouge value is also being output. This also sometimes happens when chaging patches. Any suggestions as to how I might resolve it? I've used some Deoxit D5 on the sliders but it doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks.


  • *from the wrong slider
  • I've not had this particular problem, but I've got to think it something along the lines of what you've tried with the Deoxit - must be a slider whose connection is flaky, and it's sending values each time it "reconnects." Is it always values from the same slider? If so, obviously focus on cleaning that one.

    Also I'm not a Deoxit expert, but I believe they have one specifically formulated for faders:
  • There seems to be one or two prominent problem faders 14 and 16 but I'm seeing it happen with a coupe of others. I'm now wondering if it could be the internal ribbon cable connections? I've detached them a few times to fit non-volatile memory and replace switches.
  • Sure, that's definitely a possibility too....
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