M185 Midi Sync

For a future version it would be just great if the midi-in sync would be more stable. It would be essentialy usefull if the M185 would start when it recieves a midi clock in. Last a midi-clock offset in miliseconds would be great to compensate for a possible latency.


  • Hi Malte - thanks for the feedback. I will re-look at the MIDI sync code to see if there's anything that can be done with respect to stability. But I have a question re: what you mean when you say "start when it receives a MIDI clock in" - it's already such that if M185 receives a MIDI *start* message, that it starts the sequencer. Are you not seeing that?

    Will also consider the offset feature request, thanks for the suggestion.
  • thx for considering.
    yes, my m185 (demo) does not play when recieving a midi clock start signal. All other instruments start on the same clock. I also tryed a different clock source, still no start.
  • Forgive me for asking, but are you certain that you have the "MIDI" choice selected in the Clock section of the app, and that in that section you have selected the correct MIDI clock generating application or device? Some people get confused with the variety of different MIDI selections available, as there are two others on the Setup page - those are for different purposes....
  • Assuming you've done these things, if you can let me know what device and/or app you're using, I can try to reproduce and/or do some research... For me, using something like Ableton Live as clock start source, it works correctly...
  • works perfectly for me also using ableton as clock.

    seems pretty solid to me midi wise. hmmm. i always have ideas though :)
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    I tryed syncing to a Akai DR 16PRO (my usual and reliable master clock) and to the mpc 1000 using a Roland UM-One Midi Interface. I have a couple of older and newer gear hooked to the master clock, only the M185 seemed not to start on the clock. The BPM display on the m185 showd the bpm of the master clock but visualy drifted 2-3 bpm...
  • did it drift audio wise though? or did you just see the numbers off a bit? i have noticed mine does this thing where lets say its 80 bpm, but itll randomly show like 79 or 81 bpm, but my audio does not waver. does it sound fine and synch? or is it off?
  • The number displayed is a calculated number - and because of minute timing differences between MIDI clock pulses, sometimes the rounding of the calculated value changes up or down slightly. As JesusChris says, the audio should not be affected.
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