multiple instances

is there a way to play multiple instruments simultaneously? can one run 16 instances, one for each channel?


  • Yes, you can run multiple instances, and have each instance set to a different MIDI channel or device.

    To create a new instance, follow these steps:

    1) Control-click on the app, and select Duplicate
    2) Control-click on the duplicated app, called "General MIDI Player copy", and select Show Package Contents
    3) In the window that appears, navigate to Contents/Resources, and change the name of the following two files:
    "General MIDI Player.mxf" to "General MIDI Player copy.mxf"
    "General MIDI Player.icns" to "General MIDI Player copy.icns"
    4) You can now close that window, and double clicking the duplicated app in your Applications folder should work the same way as the original app. Careful, the two apps might be superimposed on the screen if you've got both open, so you may have to move one to see the other underneath.

    Let me know how you make out!
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