error patch

Hy Guys,

i'm a happy user of one PC1600x that i use like cubase controller and VST controller.

Some time ago i tried to add another preset to control my new Kontakt Spitfire library and i was unable to save the patch to the 1600, it said "error in preset xx".

i thought that the problem should be the NVRAM chip inside like the past and i found one online. Yesterday i've mounted, i'm able to send the presets but if i turned off and on the unit it loss everything.

any ideas ?




  • I'm afraid I can't help on this one, sorry! Personally I've never had an issue with that chip going bad - perhaps there's something wrong elsewhere in the unit that's not making it behave correctly?
  • everything is functioning, the problem showed up when i decieded to add a new preset.


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