M185 and Hardware Synths

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Hello! I just purchased the M185 Software Sequencer for use with my collection of hardware synths. At the moment I am using the Roland D-50 and I must say the M185 along with the Klee Soft Sequencer has opened up new doors for compositions. I had to have both as they are so fun to jam with. Currently I have them installed on an old Mac G3 iBook computer midi'd up to my Roland D-50, Korg M-1, or Yamaha D-X7. It just breathes new creative life into these machines. One thing I like to do is trigger the sequence bassline notes using the external synth. I then sift through the patches one by one checking out how they sound and feel with the when sequenced. The D-50 in particular is fantastic for this and you can really get some cool song ideas especially if you are an 80's buff like I am. ( I actually grew up in the 80's ). Sometimes you think a particular sound will not be good for sequencing but when you try it out you are blown away by all the great possibilities. The M185 and Klee now allow me to test the limits of patches on all three of these classic synths and even newer ones. It's fantastic!

It's also easy to pipe the midi into a hardware sequencer like my Roland Fantom X7 or even the M1 should I want to detach the Mac iBook. Perhaps one day, a midi export would be a nice feature to add.

Thanks for the great software!!



  • Thanks for the nice feedback Jim! I'll think about the MIDI file export for a future version.

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