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  • Hi, to keep a non volatil memory could be possible only in connecting a small accu on the CPU, RAM, main board... And you wouldn't be able to store more than one song...

    To my taste, the best issue consist into using the printer parallele port for very fast loading... Saving...That would be "the" solution...
  • It shouldn't be a big problem to Dan who impressed me with his job... Just import a sequence from the audio computer port via MC4 Hack into the MC4.

    After this, use a printer parallel port scanner, 8 bits, to check the data going from that port when a save is performed via the digital parallel out...

    After this, just compare the data from the audio that you already know perfectly and make the correspondance with the new one...

  • To scan the parallel port, most of the Eprom burner on PC work like that, doing a scan of the parallel port...
  • Although I agree this would be interesting to try, at the moment it's basically a non-starter for me, as I don't have an MC-4, and for this I'm pretty sure I would need one to make any real progress. So I'm afraid at the moment you'll need to settle for the way it's implemented now - sorry!
  • Ok, for me the most important device is the import tex-tab file facility. It would be soooo nice... And, concerning the value of the MC4b, be aware that, because of your tool, the value will increase...
  • Your fault! ;-) You should have buy before... :-)
  • Dan,

    I have the original Data cassette recorder which sends the file to the MC4 via the back parallele port.

    From my side I don't need the so urgently the upgrade using the printer parallele port.
    But I can give you some parallel scan of the data coming from this cassette recorder...

    If I try to help for some uprgades it's just because I use the MC4 a lot and need that tab-text import export file upgrade.

    I don't need free licences for my ideas and help. I only want to have the tool and I'am ok to pay the ugrade.
  • When I have a few moments, I will take a look at the possibility of doing the text based import. If you feel like sending me the output of the digital recorder, I can try to take a look at that too. No promises on timeline though! :-)
  • 8-) you get it next week! You're the dude! ;-)
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    I checked with Mr Midibox to see if it could be possible to use his PIC/ Eprom burner interface.
    He is in singapour for the job. As soon as he is back I do that with him.
    Or I can still do it via my audio interface 8 input in doing a multitrack audio recording...
  • Hello,

    two years ago, we have been in touch and I proposed few functionalities to improve the MC4 Hack.
    Do you think you will be insert them?
    And when?
    The most important feature is the quantising... Up to now, your software send values which are not tight. I proposed to make the "quantise" feature formatting the values to the logical values the MC4 create when you program it step by step.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Francois,

    Believe it or not, I'm still very behind in many of my other software projects (both updates to other projects, as well as a few new ones I'm working on), so I've not had any time to look at the text file (.csv) import.  

    Re: quantizing - it would of course depend on what timebase is chosen, regarding choosing the "appropriate" step/gate values.  For now I think I prefer to leave things as flexible as possible for the end user, and not to restrict them in any way.  For the future, I may consider a "quantize" mode, where the steps/gates are restricted to "correct" values.
  • Dan,

    I need this feature ASAP...
    Already 2 years went...
    For me your software without this functionality
    is a big lack.

  • As I mentioned above, for the current time I will leave things as flexible as possible for the end user, and not restrict the values you can choose.  Certainly programming via this method is still easier than using the MC-4's keypad?  :-)
  • Hello Dan,

    If you don't want to restrict the values, that's why you should make a function allowing to quantise them
    or not.
    Some friends were interested to get some MC4s but, are waiting as well to see how you
    will improve the tool.

    If you don't want to improve the tool, could you please give me the possibility to improve it.
    I am a MC4 user and bought your software. And I know exactly were are the mistakes of both
    sides, MC4 and your software.

  • That's a good idea, I will make it an option in a future version.  That said, I don't want to give false expectations - an MC-4 update is *not* next up on my list for apps that need updating, so it may be a while still… I apologize for the delay.
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