Upcoming new step sequencer!

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"Cyclic" is the name of a brand new step sequencer that I will be releasing soon - it is a collaboration with Mutable Instrument's Olivier Gillet. The idea behind the sequencer is his, and the software implementation is mine. Basically, you have an array of 32 note values (or rests). This sequence of notes is cycled through by any number of “subsequences.” Each subsequence is characterized by:

* A cycle length (number of steps), from 1 to 32
* An offset, from 0 to 31
* A stride, from 1 to 8 (a stride is how many “steps” through the note sequence are moved at each clock tick)

So the idea is that if you have multiple subsequences, each with varying length/offset/stride, that when run together will produce varying interesting overall sequences because of their interaction with each other. There's more information in this thread on the Mutable Instruments forum site: http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=894

Here's a screenshot, more details coming soon: image


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    Here’s some very quickly thrown together videos to help visualize how Cyclic works. The first one is pretty boring sounding, but hopefully will orient you a bit. It gets a bit confusing towards the latter part, primarily because I forgot that I was using a monophonic synth (a Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1), so it won’t be entirely clear how it’s working.The second one is a bit more musical, going through some presets that I saved while just mucking around for 5 minutes. It’s a softsynth (TAL Noisemaker) together with a Shruthi-1 and a Shruti-1 (vintage!). Careful at the 1:05 mark, the Shruthi kicks in a bit loud, sorry about that!

  • Sounds great...just like your other sequencers...

  • Ooh! This looks like a lot of fun, Dan - hurry up & finish it, please :-)

    Is it a standalone application, like M-185 & Klee, or a plug-in (or both!)?

  • Standalone, just like the others...
  • Hi, i have a question about it: i would use it with two analog synth, one accepts notes and clock (and i need them both), the other one wants only notes (if i send the clock too it doesn't work properly..). So the questione is, will it be possible to choose what to send to each track or midi channel? It would be great (for me at least..). Thanks!
  • Are you talking about an analog synth that needs control voltages?  If so, this will not output anything along those lines, only MIDI.

    If they accept incoming MIDI, as it stands now, Cyclic does not output MIDI clock - only notes.  I may try to implement this in the future, but it won't be there for first release....
  • Thanks for the fast answer! I will explain better:
    § I have a kork MS10, wich I control with a Doepfer MCV4 that transforms MIDI to CV signals; the fact is, if i send just notes everything is ok, if i send clock too it works bad, don't ask me why, i think just because the mcv4 is not made to receive midi clock. --> notes
    § I have a moog slim phatty too, it accepts notes and clock (to sync lfo, and via thru from the slim phatty i go to a moogerfooger MIDI Murf that accepts clock to sync). --> notes + clock

    Now i use Ableton, but it is too much and too expensive for what i need.. I just need a nice, simple sequencer able to send notes and clock at the same time, but with the ability to chose on a midi channel even not to send both. Ysterday i downloaded Klee Demo, i will see if it can do it (still have to try it..)

  • Thanks for clarifying your needs.  As I mentioned, I will think about implementing MIDI clock out in the future.  And I can save you some time re: the Klee (and the M-185); neither of them output MIDI clock either....
  • Ok, thanks again. I just saw on klee it can receive midi clock. So i could use another software (able to send clock) as master clock, and send this clock to the slim phatty too (notes from klee or Ciclyc + clock from the other software). I will see..

  • That's correct - and Cyclic will be able to receive MIDI clock from elsewhere also.  So if you can get it to work the way you want with the Klee or M-185, it will work with Cyclic too...
  • Dan, do you think I can have Cyclic for my B-day, march 14?

  • I hope so!  Only three things left to do:

    1) Address problem with MIDI Clock synchronization - not sure how hard this will be, have to dig in a bit more.
    2) Finish documentation (about 3/4 done already).
    3) Make a simple web site (few hours).

    Bottom line - I think you should have a nice birthday present!  :-)
  • Early birthday present soundwave - it's done!  http://defectiverecords.com/cyclic/
  • Hello Dan,
    thank you for the early B-day..., just bought it:-)
    Will you please make (minimal) MIDI assignments, later on, like the notes in the circle= on/off and value and other stuff that is good to control via midi controller? That would be just fantastic..
    Thank you.
    Your sequencers are the best!

  • Yes, will add incremental features down the road!
  • This is ace, Dan - nice one :-)

    Now, can I chip in with a feature request for a future version, please, namely VST hosting...?

  • Yeah, already on the list Tony!
  • I have a feeling it will be a  loooooooooooooooonng time before we see any updates on Cyclic..:(
    Oh well...

  • I try not to promise anything with respect to dates, or future functionality.  I *am* limited by time, and the number of projects that I have in my queue (on top of my day job).  I *am* committed to Cyclic updates as I said above, just can't say when....  Sorry about that!
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    What would I give to see Cyclic as a VST plugin someday... :(
    I'm assuming that I can't run VSTi's on it, right? Sorry for the noob query!
  • Not yet - hopefully I will get that in in a future update....
  • Hello, terrible newbie question, but I have no sound coming out of the sequencer. Does it require a sound engine.. i.e. a synth to connect? I am running OS10.6.8 Thanks
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    Yes, the CycliC sequencer currently only generates MIDI information - you need to route that MIDI info to another synth, either software or hardware.  If you want to use a software synth, you'll have to use an inter-application MIDI bus:  on the Mac, that's built in (called the "IAC Driver Bus"), on Windows, you'll need to install a loopback driver, for example the LoopBe1 driver .

    As mentioned above, I do plan to eventually add VST plugin instrument support, so that you can generate sound from the application itself.  That's not in the current version yet though.
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