Will it run under Cubase 6?

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Stupid question, but I found no info about it being VST or standalone...?


  • CycliC is a standalone sequencer, not a plugin.  Unfortunately, since it's built using v6 of Cycling 74's Max/MSP, there is no (current) way to convert it to a plugin....
  • Kill me now
  • Assuming that meant that you wanted to use it as a plugin, know that you can sync CycliC to your Cubase's MIDI clock signal, to keep things in sync at least...
  • I've been looking into doing something similar in my setup, but I've been using Cockos Reaper more than Cubase lately so I have only come up with this as a solution:

    I'd assume that Steinberg has something similar to ReaRoute in Cubase.given that they are the co-sponsor of the Rewire specification.
  • Note that I hope to soon (no ETA yet, sorry) introduce ReWire functionality to CycliC (as well as my other step sequencers), so any DAW that has ReWire support will be covered (in theory anyway).

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