No MIDI Out?

edited April 2012 in General MIDI Player
Maybe I misread the description, but I was under the impression this app would play midi files?
Perhaps over MIDI out?


  • There's no ability to load a MIDI file into the app itself for playback, but you can route any MIDI stream to it from another application or from a hardware MIDI device...
  • OK. Maybe you can explain it to me because I tries guitar pro 6 and is does see the player but does not produce any sound and GB, well, GB I can even get it to show up as output.
  • To send MIDI from one application to another, you have to use the Mac's built in Inter Application MIDI, the "IAC Driver".  Make sure it's activated in your Audio MIDI Setup application, and then choose it as the MIDI output from your MIDI sending app, and then select is as the MIDI input within General MIDI Player.....
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