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  • I found another bug.  When you load V-Station and show the plugin and then click on the player you cannot select the plugin gui without hitting the button for "view plugin".  It doesn't do that with Discovery Pro.  You can select the GUI of discovery by just clicking on the interface anywhere.

    Also I got another hang.  I was switching several plugins in and out from the V.I.P. Don't Crack bundle and nothing.  Then I started loading other plugins.  Finally Lexicon Plate did it.  I did a force quit and loaded up the player again and tried to load V-Station for the first time.  It also hung and I had to force quit.  Then I started up APP again and it finally loaded V-Station and then I noticed the bug.  It seems that no specific plugin causes the beach ball.  It must be an instantiation problem on your end but I can't replicate it every time.  But if you switch enough plugins it will happen.

    I'm on a MBP 15" i7 quad 2011 early FYI. 
  • Thanks for the feedback.  

    I'm suspicious that the problem may occur when the app "unloads" the first plugin, and then immediately tries to load the new plugin; perhaps it is trying to do things too quickly before giving the first plugin time to quit gracefully, before starting up the next one.  Not sure - will try to investigate a bit to see if I can find the problem.  

    Not sure why V-Station didn't load up for you after starting APP fresh the first time; for me here it's working pretty reliably (v1.7).  One thing I did notice about the selecting the V-Station (and other plugins) - although the title bar of the plugin does not "activate", you *can* still manipulate the controls on the plugin.  Is that not the way it is working for you?
  • Also, for your testing with V-Station, were you using the AU or the VST?
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    Ok, V-Station does come to top of stack when you click the title bar.  I'm using version 1.7 vst. 

    Also can you make it so that when your using qwerty mode that you can still play notes when the plugin GUI is in focus?  You probably would still need to leave functions for ctrl, shift, and option active for the selected plugin for typing in values and precision adjustments.

    I also would like an unload button for just removing plugins.
  • Re: QWERTY mode when plugin is in focus:  that's what the new QWERTY Global mode is for - give it a try  :-)

    Plugin Unload function is on my list for the next update.

    Thanks for the continued feedback!
  • Plugin unload function is now in the 1.3 update that is now available (along with many other improvements!)
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