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I know that it's possible to run multiple instances of both M185 and Klee side-by-side, but what I haven't figured out how to do (or even whether it's possible), is to have one of them act as the master instance, with all of the others as slaves, so that they will start/stop/run in sync.

Is this in fact possible, or do they have to run as slaves to some other clock source?

I've bodged things by creating a Plogue Bidule patch that sends MIDI clock over an IAC bus (I'm running on a Mac), but this seems like a very clunky way of doing it; things would be so much more elegant if I you could just sync multiple instances directly, and have them obey not just start & stop, but also reset.

Anyway, that aside, both M185 & Klee are fabulously addictive, and definitely worth the money!



  • Good question - I've never tried.  I'm away from the computers that I've got the apps on at the moment, but I I'm pretty sure the answer is No, can't do it.  You would have to sync them both to an external slave.  I'll put that on the list for things to consider in a future revision....
  • Cool; thanks, Dan.


  • I do it all the time, I found two ways to do it.

    First, with a Master clock from my midi keyboard PCR-300 and they run in sync perfectly but!! you must set a common button for re-load to both...
    Second, (without master clock), I assign a common start and reset button from midi controller to all instances of M185/Klee...
    I found they all must "reset" at the same time
    hope you get it in sync
  • Thanks for the tip; I shall continue to play... ;-)


  • @gintonic - for your second option, with no master clock, but just starting/resetting both with one controller - sure, they will start in sync... but my guess is that after a while they will drift a little bit...
  • Hello,

    i have problems with syncing instances.

    I am on win xp.

    Midicontroller akai mpk49
    some synths over esi M4U or usb

    I can connect ONE instance of m185 to midi. start/stop is working from akai mpk49.

    When i open another instance midi clock is not recogniced, nothing, nitschwo, nada.

    I tried a dozwn times no success.

    It seems that the midi device is locked to the first device unsing it, must not be the first openend.

    i.e. if midi clock is working with m185copy, it wont work wit m185 or m185copy2, even when i open m185 or m185copy2 first.

    I can run them manually but ohnly when i open m185copy midiclock and start stop is working.

    i am totally annoyed, please help.

    goal is to run two or more instances in sync.

    Dan: Please implement a master clock and sync option in the next update. Will make it much easier.

    thank you

    sorry for my poor english.....

  • I will have to take a look to see why this is happening... I'll try to report back when I get a moment.
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    I just tried on my Mac, and sending MIDI clock from Ableton Live to 2 different instances of M185 worked perfectly.... Will try on a Windows machine when I can...  I'm assuming that you followed the procedure outlined in the documentation in the FAQ section, when creating the multiple copies of the M185 app, right?

  • It works, you must assign the same CC to the Play button on midi controller to ALL M185s and the same goes for load button.

  • Thanks Soundwave, but know also that CC's are not required; I just tried on a Win XP machine.  I used Ableton Live as the master MIDI clock, sending it to two instances of M-185 using LoopBe1 (from for interapp MIDI transmission.

    When I press Play/Stop within Live, both the M-185 instances Start/Stop correctly.

    @Wampenkit, let us know if you have a different setup that might explain why it's not working for you?
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