U-He alt GUI sizes not working + FRs

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APP = Cool little app! I was looking for something lighter than AU Lab. I found one problem and I figured I'd tag along a list of some things that could be useful. I'd say the MO for this app should be "light, quick and easy" and I hope it stays that way ;)

1. There's a small graphics problem with the larger alternative GUI sizes available with u-he synths like Zebra, ACE, and Diva. The plugin frame seems to expand to adapt but then immediately contracts to its original size and the only way to see the entire GUI again is to re-instantiate the plugin.

2. APP presets and preferences: 90% of the time I play through a hardware MIDI interface and I wish APP would remember that. So it would also be nice if APP had a preset system that could be stored and included both audio/midi setup, synth and preset. Make one preset load by default and I get what I need :)

3. One of the reasons for a light host like this is to get to play an idea as fast as possible when inspiration strikes. So a capture system would be great: it could be MIDI but it could also simply be stereo audio recording. I'd say keep it simple and make it audio recording with a max time setting and default location in the prefs.

That's it! I wouldn't want to add anything else. Thanks!


  • Thanks for the feedback!

    1)  u-he plugs:  Will take a look - I'm dependent on Max's VST support within the app, so I may have to report to Cycling to get their take on it...

    2) Preferences:  Already on my list to implement.  I originally had at least MIDI settings being saved by the app
    to a preferences file, but I removed it because my implementation was causing a
    problem with Apple's approval of the app - I will see if I can figure
    out the problem and try again!

    3) Will put the request on the list.  Yes, I would probably implement as an audio recording over MIDI.
  • Re: u-he plugins, confirmed here using the VST versions, and it is a problem with the Cycling infrastructure as I mentioned.  I've reported it to them, hopefully they will fix it.  Until then though, it seems that the AU versions work correctly to resize the GUI, so could you use those instead?
  • Yup! AU is a workaround. Thanks!
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    There's a discussion over here at KVR about APP and it's handling of AU softsynths. For some reason the latest ZebraHZ AU instrument does not show up in the file selector and it's been suggested that it should be selected via the Component Manager rather than from a File Browser. (BTW, it shows up as AU and VST in all my other hosts). Loading it as a VST works, but the GUI problem with U-he's resizable softsynths that sarted this thread has never been fixed.

    So in effect the previous workaround of using AU no longer works. Perhaps its time to fix the VST GUI problem?


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    One additional observation on the GUI resize bug: when a larger GUI size is selected, the window does in fact enlarge to the requested size for a fraction of a second and then shrinks just as quickly to its original size, now revealing only an incomplete fraction of the larger GUI. However it is possible to restore the normal size without re-instantiating because the size selector is still available.

    I assume the fix is to not let the window shrink back, and allow it to re-adapt to whatever new size is requested..

  • Thanks for the heads up re: the KVR thread - I will respond in detail over there later today.

    Re: the VST GUI resize bug though, unfortunately at this point it's out of my hands; I've reported it to Cycling, and to my knowledge it has not been fixed yet...
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