General MIDI Player v1.2 now available

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The latest version of General MIDI Player (v1.2) was just approved by Apple and should be available in the App Store shortly.  Changes:

  • Added new Volume control
  • Now remembers last selected instrument, volume, input method and MIDI device/channel from your last session

Thanks for the support and the ongoing feedback!


  • Is it normal that I am still not seeing the v1.2 update as available in the App Store?
  • No, not normal!  It's definitely available on the store now... You could try to trash the app from your Applications folder, and then go to the App Store, and re-download it maybe?
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    Ouch! I just got myself into a real mess!..
    I'm afraid your suggestion didn't work. Maybe I should stipulate that I am on App Store France here, and, even on the main products page, it shows only v1.1 (so that is what I would get, even if I made a new purchase today!)
    that's only the start of it!.. While clicking around in the "My Purchases" page, I managed to accidentally delete "Audio Plugin Player" from the list! Itried everything I could think of to get it back, (including TimeMachine).. no joy.
    I have sent a support request to App Store.. I am worried that, unless I get Audio Plugin Player back in the "My Purchases" list, I will never be able to get any further updates for it!

    ... Oh, and.. even after having removed it (at least I didn't trash it definitively.. I had at least copied it over to another disk), it still shows as "Installed", so I couldn't have re-downloaded it anyways (at, least, I've never seen a way to do so).
  • Well, I hesitate to say it, but maybe you could try to "purchase" the app again, and maybe it will recognize that you've already purchased it, and allow you to download it again with no further payment?  I know that's how it works on my iPhone??

    In the meantime, I will try to see why it's not available on the France App Store....
  • I'll first wait to see what Apple Support has to say ;)
  • OK, keep us posted, and good luck!
  • Still no news on v1.2 in App Store France, but at least I managed to get v1.1 available in the My Purchases list again (There is an option, under "My Account", to view "Masked Purchases", and unmask them ;) )
  • Weird - I double checked, and the 1.2 version is not limited in any way to certain parts of the world.  So it should appear in all country's App Store...
  • App Store France very politely, simply referred me back to you ;). (which, after very politely giving me completely wrong instructions for getting Audio Plugin Player back into the "My Purchases" list, didn't really surprise me at all :P)
  • Ugh, sorry for the frustration.  I will try to post in the Apple Developer forums to see what could be going wrong.

    In the meantime, I will be in touch with you by email to try and get you up and running on the new version...
  • Oh wow - I think I just now realized what the problem is.  Although the title of this thread correctly says "General MIDI Player v1.2 now available" - I incorrectly put it into the Audio Plugin Player forum category by mistake!  So maybe I've confused you:  there is no v1.2 (yet) of Audio Plugin Player; I'm still working on that.  There is a v1.2 of General MIDI Player.

    So: were you expecting v1.2 of APP, and not GMP?  If so - that is the "problem!"

    I will try to see if I can move this whole thread into the correct category on the forum....
  • OK, thread successfully moved to the correct General MIDI Player category...
  • Well, that explains that! LOL
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