Does the plugin support 88,200 Hz sampling rate on the output?

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Before purchasing, just wanted to make sure that the plugin will support higher sampling rates (as long as it is supported by the sound card).


  • Right now, the application doesn't provide any mechanism for changing the sample rate of the sound card.  I was trying to keep the app as "simple" as possible, which is why I chose this approach.

    It *should* support any SR supported by the soundcard (I'm using Cycling 74's Max audio infrastructure to build the app, and Max does support higher SRs).

    I believe the behavior should be that the app upon first launch will use the SR that the card was used last with. After that, it will continue to use that SR for all subsequent launches. Should you desire to switch the SR it uses moving forward, you can edit a text-based preference file (the file is at ~/Library/Application Support/Audio Plugin Player/Core Audio@.txt)
  • Thanks, I could make it work with these instructions, by editing the text file. BTW, if I just use Audio-Midi setup to change the sample rate, after the plugin player starts, it crashes the plugin player! The correct way is to go ahead and change the text file before launching the plugin player.
  • Good to know that last bit, thanks.  And glad that you got it to work overall!
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