Max for Live version?

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This is by far the most frequent question I continue to get about Major Malfunction... The short answer is that I still do plan on doing it, but it's not exactly straightforward, and will require a pretty big re-working of large parts of the plugin.  So no clear timeline at this point...


  • Newbie here at Defective Records so forgive me if my question has already been asked or answered already.

    I would like to buy and use Major Malfunction and use it with Ableton Live 8.2.2 and Max 4 Live along with The Bridge/Serato.  I'm running a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard- will I have problems using Major Malfunction with this setup?  

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  • With the current version, yes. That's why people have been asking for an MFL version. No timeline on that now I'm afraid, sorry!
  • Darn. I saw this as the answer to a particular pass in a piece I wrote. Thing is, I bought it maybe about 3 years ago to run on my powerbook 12" and it was working fine. Now I'm running Ableton Live 8.2 also on a Mac Mini but MM just doesn't appear on a track when I try to load it up.  Can members be notified when a new version is released, pretty please? Thnx!
  • Of course, if you purchased the app, you will be notified if/when I release an MFL version.

    Also, know that in the interim, there is a workaround, if you can get by with not using MFL within Live at the same time you are using Major Malfunction.  See second to last post (by me) in this thread:

  • sorry to revive this thread but is there any update on major malfunction for M4L?

  • Unfortunately no progress to speak of there.  Just too little time and too many other projects at the moment.  Sorry!
  • no worries dude.  thank you for the quick reply.  i'll have to try and put something together in max msp.

    i think Mark Bell used your major malfunction software in his xltronic mix from 2005.  it sounds so awesome.  i must have listened to that mix about a hundred times.  he will be sorely missed.     

    cheers again for the fast reply Dan. 
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