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.version 2.0.

a better way to program your Roland mc-202

what is it:
a software application that works with your Roland mc-202 synthesizer

New version 2.0.4 available for Windows (2.0.3 for Mac)! (see Version History in Documentation for info)

what are its features:
complete application overhaul from v1.0
go from mc-202 sequence on your synth to a MIDI file
go from a MIDI file to an mc-202 sequence
edit mc-202 sequences in the software, not on your mc-202's little screen
easily copy patterns between internal and external mc-202 sequences
preview sequences with built in mc-202-like softsynth, GM synth, or MIDI device
save visual mc-202 "snapshots" of front panel synth settings
exchange mc-202 patch "snapshots" using easily shareable text files
calibrate the program to your specific MC-202 (old analog synths can be finicky!)
let me see it:
MC-202 Hack input
Input section - accepts real-time or file-based MC-202 tape audio, or MIDI files.
MC-202 Hack sequences
Sequences section - edit/playback one or both of the MC-202's sequences.
MC-202 Hack synth
Synth section - tweak internal softsynth, and save/load settings to disk.
MC-202 Hack output
Output section - send sequences back to MC-202, to cassette audio or MIDI file.
MC-202 Hack calibration
Calibrate window - adjust MC-202 Hack to work with *your* MC-202.
i want to learn more:
read the full documentation (pdf, 1.9 MB), or ask a question in our forum
what do i need to use it:

Mac OS X 10.5.x or greater, intel only

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or greater (installed by default on 10.5-10.6, installed automatically on 10.7 or greater)

Windows XP SP2, Vista, or 7
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or greater
i want to try it:
have fun with the demo (it's fully functional except it won't allow you to output sequences to file or to the mc-202) - last updated April 26, 2010
i want to buy it:
First time buyer - $40 USD

Upgrading from previous paid version - $15 USD

PayPal only, no returns -- please try the demo first to see if you like it.
Once we receive notification from PayPal of your payment, we will e-mail you secure download details within a maximum of 72 hours, and usually within less than 24 hours. You will not receive any software or documentation via postal mail, only an electronic download.

who made it:
Dan Nigrin & Defective Records Software
what made it:
created using Cycling '74 technology
i have a question:
please ask in our forum
any other cool stuff:
go take a look

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