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what is it:
Party Favor is a software application designed to work with the Where's The Party At (WTPA) bendable 8-bit sampler. It allows you to more easily record audio samples from your computer to the WTPA, and also allows for easier control and visualization of its many effect and editing functions.
what are its features:
Easily send samples to the WTPA, with automated record feature and level control - just a drag a sample onto Biggie
Play the WTPA using your QWERTY keyboard, while at the same time triggering effects and editing the sample with your mouse
Trigger and control WTPA effectts on screen - no more button pushes to remember
Edit the WTPA sample using on screen controls
Visualize how you are editing the WTPA sample with on screen waveform representations
Control both A and B banks of the WTPA

let me see it:
Click the thumbnail above for a full screenshot.

Also, check out a ton of video examples on YouTube of what the WTPA can do - here's one to get you started!

i want to learn more:
read the full documentation (pdf, 164 KB)
what do i need to use it:

Mac OS X 10.4.9 or greater, intel or ppc
Mac OS X 10.5.x, intel or ppc
Mac OS X 10.6.x, intel
NOT TESTED YET!: Mac OS X 10.7.x

Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista
Windows 7

(all 32-bit editions)
i want it:
Before downloading, please consider sending a PayPal donation - any amount would be most appreciated!

Or perhaps go check out my other applications that are for sale.

Now bring me to the downloads!

who made it:
Dan Nigrin & Defective Records Software

Todd Bailey made the WTPA - check it out at Narrat1ve

what made it:
created using Cycling '74 technology
i have a question:
please ask
any other cool stuff:
go take a look

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