Hi Dan,

I just wanted to show you (and the community) what I did to my PC1600x. It's a "workaround" for all the virtual synths I'm running on an iMac computer which is controlled by cubase on an G3 Mac (they are connected/sequenced via two Emagic MIDI interfaces). I was in trouble re-finding the correct sliders when I changed the synth. So I ripped out the middle of my old Filofax and glued it to a piece of heavy cardboard. This was sticked onto the PC1600x with a double sided glue-tape. Luckily I had a perforator for the Filofax measures. So I could design my setups in FreeHand, print them out, cut the papers to size and perforate them to match into the old Filofax handle. See the pictures I included to get the skill.

Nice greetings from Munich, Germany
(Yes, the OKTOBERFEST is still running...sigh!)

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