Does VSTi Host work with all VST plugins?
With most of them! We used to maintain a plugin compatibility chart on this site, but keeping up with the number of new plugins out there made it tough to keep it up to date. Instead, we highly recommend that you simply download the demo version and try VSTi Host with your own plugins, to be sure that it works well with the plugins you plan to use with it.

Does VSTi Host work with Logic? (ProTools?, etc...?)
Yes. You can easily send MIDI information from Logic (or other sequencer) to VSTi Host, via an OMS-IAC bus (OS 9) or via CoreMIDI (OS X). You can also route the audio from VSTi Host back into any DirectConnect (OS 9) or ReWire (OS 9 & X) compliant host application.

Can you run more than one VSTi at a time, or can you run more than one instance of VSTi Host at a time?
You can't run more than one instance of VSTi Host on OS9 at one time, so you are therefore limited to only 1 VSTi at a time on that platform.

However, on OS X, you can run more than one instance of VSTi Host (by renaming the 2nd VSTi Host application something else, for example "VSTi Host *" or something similar). In this way, each can host a VSTi, and so you can use more than one VSTi at a time.

In future versions of VSTi Host (in both OS 9 and X), you will be able to host more than one VSTi in a single instance of the application

Do plugins hosted in VSTi Host receive MIDI clock information from other programs?
Unfortunately, not at this time. We hope to address this in a future version of the program.

How did you create VSTi Host?
We used Cycling 74's Max and MSP software - pretty amazing piece of software - the possibilities are endless!

Are you planning a PC version?
Eventually, we may release a PC version, but we can't comment for sure on if or when that will happen...

Are you planning to include FreeMIDI support?
Again, since we are dependent on the Max/MSP framework, and currently since those do not support FreeMIDI, we are limited to OMS for now.

Is VSTi Host shareware?
No. You can freely download and use the demo version for your own use. You may not redistribute the demo version without our permission, including use on magazine "cover CD's". When you purchase the full version, you may not distribute that version, or your individual username and password, to any other party.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
No - since we offer a fully functional demo version, we encourage you to try the application and be sure it's right for you before purchasing, as we do not offer any refunds once purchased.


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