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pc1600 & pc1600x editors, librarians, etc...
PvC, the pc1600 and pc1600x virtual controller (PC) The original website is no longer active - this link is to an archived version of the site from March 2007. Also, the author of PvC, Kris Rhen, has given permission for a copy of his software to be distributed for free - see this forum post.
PC1600x editor by pete kvitek (PC)
PC1600v editor and emulator (Mac OS X)
JSynthLib librarian (other device support too, Multi-platform).The original website linked to above seems to have been hijacked. But the Internet Archive WayBackMachine seems to have an archive from the late 2000's with a link to the download, to screenshots, to documentation, and to devices supported). I also now see that there's a SourceForge page for it.

pc1600 patches (in *theory*, upward compatible with pc1600x)
gear author download comments
boss rv-70 effects jasper de jong 1600rv70.mid [3k] description
cubase vst 4.1(mac)/3.7(pc) mixer diemo schwarz 1600cubase4.zip [12k] description
ensoniq asrx soundengine.com 1600asrx.zip [2k] description
ensoniq fizmo soundengine.com 1600fizmo.zip [2k] description
factory patches peavey peavey ftp site
korg dw-8000 synth jasper de jong 1600dw8000.mid [3k] description
logic es-1 thomas strunden 1600logices1.zip [3k] description
logic faders ab wilson 1600_logic.zip [3k] description
oberheim expander soundengine.com 1600xpander.zip [2k] description
oberheim matrix 6/6r/1000 synths tony cappellini 1600matrix6.zip [9k] description
oberheim matrix 6/6r/1000 synths godric wilkie 1600m6m1000.zip [5k] description
rebirth 1.5 (all functions) dan salomon 1600rebirth.sit [4k] description
roland d-50 soundengine.com 1600d50.zip [3k] description
roland mks-50 synth jasper de jong 1600mks50.mid [2k]
roland jx8p synth diemo schwarz 1600jx8p.zip [12k] description
soundblaster awe 32 michael lumb 1600awe32.zip [28k] description
suzuki sx-500 synth jasper de jong 1600sx500.mid [2k]
waldorf microwave synth dan nigrin 1600uwave.mid [1k] description
waldorf microwave synth curt nolte 1600uwave2.zip [2k] description
yamaha cbx gernot pfeiffer 1600yamaha_cbx.zip [5k] description
yamaha dx7/tx802 synths godric wilkie 1600dxtx.sit [6k] description
yamaha fs1r soundengine.com 1600fs1r.zip [2k] description
yamaha tg77,sy77 and sy99 francis parsons PC16SYED.ZIP [12k] description
yamaha tx81z synth jasper de jong 1600tx81z.mid [4k] description
yamaha tx81z synth godric wilkie 1600tx81z.sit [5k] description
yamaha vl70m synth godric wilkie 1600vl70m.sit [4k] description

pc1600x patches (for the most part downward compatible with pc1600 - read details about this here )
gear author download comments
axs 2.2 software synth jay vaughan 1600x_AXS_Synth.zip [3k] description
cakewalk bob carozzoni 1600x_cakewalk.sit [20k] description
creamware pulsar (various devices) joris de keersmaecker 1600x_Pulsar.zip [8k] description
creamware pulsar (various devices) #2 joris de keersmaecker 1600x_Pulsar_24presets.zip [7k] description
creamware pulsar mixer joris de keersmaecker 1600x-PulsarMixer-v1.2.zip [4k] description
cubase vst 3.5 mixer dan nigrin 1600xcubasemixer.mid [1k] description associated cubase mixermap
cubase vst 5.0 remote gilbert poliquin 1600x_VST5.0Remote.zip [57k] description
cubase vst 5.0 remote v2 gilbert poliquin 1600x_VST5.0Remote_v2.zip [96k] description
cubase vst 5.0 remote pieter vincenten 1600x_Cubase5remote.zip [6k] description
dave smith instruments evolver v2 & v3 dave w EvolverPC1600x2_3.zip [28k] description
dsp-fx 6.2 gilbert poliquin 1600x_Dspfx6_2.zip [8k] description
emu e4xt (and related) lee jackson 1600xemue4xt.zip [4k] description
emu morpheus synth godric wilkie 1600x_morpheus.sit [11k] description
emu proteus synth godric wilkie 1600x_proteus.sit [7k] description
factory patches peavey peavey ftp site
garritan personal orchestra pieter v/d wal GarritanPersonalOrchestra.zip [2k] description
gigastudio faders drew cady 1600x_gigafaders.syx [1k] description
kawai k4 ruediger fuchs 1600x_Kawai_K4.zip [1k] description
kawai k5000 "macro controller" atom smasher 1600xk5000cro.mid [1k] description
kawai k5000 - complete set terry leigh britton 1600x_K5000_full.zip [54k] description
koblo studio 9000 synths mark camp 1600x_Koblo.mid [3k] description
korg r3 jo vandeweghe 1600x_Korg_R3.zip[3k] description
kurzweil k2500r & k2500rs lee jackson K251600X.ZIP [1k] description
lexicon lxp1 karl mousseau 1600xLxp1.syx [1k] description
lexicon lxp5 terry leigh britton 1600x_lxp5.zip [7k] description
line 6 pod amp simulator gilbert poliquin 1600x_pod.zip [24k] description
logic 5.51 marc deruiter 1600x_Logic_5.51.zip [169k] description
native instruments pro 5 caesar@ace.ulyssis.org 1600x_pro5.zip [1k] description
native instruments pro 52 v2.2 gilbert poliquin 1600x_Pro-52.zip [k] description
native instruments reaktor pekka immonen 1600x_NI_Reaktor.zip [4k] description
native instruments spectral delay carty fox 1600x_spektral.sit [3k] description
oberheim matrix 6/6r/1000 godric wilkie 1600x_m6m1000.zip [11k] description
ppd tritium bassline vsti ruediger fuchs 1600x_Tritium.zip [28k] description
ppg 2.3 rob williams 1600xppg23.SYX [1k] description
rebirth 1.5 303 synths dan nigrin 1600xrebirth.mid [1k] description associated cubase mixermap
rebirth 2.0 joris de keersmaecker 1600x_Rebirth presets.zip [4k] description
roland d-110 godric wilkie 1600x_d110.sit [8k] description
roland jx-8p evan long 1600x_PC-8P.zip [4k]
roland mc-303 ruediger fuchs 1600x_MC_303.zip [1k] description
roland mc-303 (bass) ruediger fuchs 1600x_MC303_Bass.zip [4k] description
roland mc-303 (bundle: bass, drums, demos) ruediger fuchs 1600x_MC303_Bundle.zip [12k] description
roland mc-303 (drums) ruediger fuchs 1600x_MC303_Drums.zip [2k] description
roland mks-7 michael c 1600x_mks7.zip [2k] description
roland mks-50 karl mousseau 1600xmks50.zip [2k] description
roland mks-80 francis parsons 1600xMKS80ED.ZIP [6k] description
soundfont 2.1 ruediger fuchs 1600x_Soundfont_2_1.zip [2k] description
steinberg model-e gilbert poliquin 1600x_ModelE.zip [8k] description
waldorf microwave dan nigrin 1600xuwave.mid [1k] description
waldorf pulse ruediger fuchs 1600x_Waldorf_Pulse.zip [4k] description
yamaha tg77,sy77 and sy99 francis parsons PC16xSYV2.ZIP [12k] description
yamaha tx/dx frequency parameters karl mousseau 1600xTxfreq.syx [1k] description
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